It’s a question that often arises when businesses are plotting out their digital presence: “To blog or not to blog?

The answer greatly depends upon a few factors:

  1. Do you have expertise to share? If you do, a blog is a great way to establish your knowledge and grow your brand awareness and presence. If not, what is the subject matter that is going to drive people to engage with your posts?
  2. Do you have a desire to write, or are you able to hire someone to handle blogging? If you have the knowledge but are too busy to write and cannot hire someone to convey your message, your blog will likely not get off the ground. Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the last post was written months or even years ago?  It is difficult to come across as an expert if it seems your expertise is outdated.
  3. Is there an audience or a space for your blog? Some markets are saturated, while others are untapped. If you have a strong message or point of view, it will come across in your writing and assist in creating a space and following. If you are simply going through the motions because someone (possibly a blogger) told you it was a necessity for maintaining your digital presence, you may want to rethink your strategy. Maybe you present material in a traditional blog, or maybe it takes shape as something else–a “useful information” or “knowledge you can use” section.

If you have a knowledge base you would like to share but simply don’t have the time or inclination to write, find someone who can take your information and present it in a clear and professional manner. Harness someone else’s passion for writing for your passion to share your knowledge.

A blogger for your website may be closer than you think.