Social Media Planning Made Easy

In social media, consistency is key. Failure to post in a regular cadence will result in your marketing or informational posts getting lost in the shuffle or worse–never reaching the eyes of your desired audience.

Social media is a funny beast. Engagement is much easier to gauge than print campaigns, as there is the immediate gratification of a “like” or a “re-tweet.” Gaining that traction is tricky, however. Every business has a different identity and core client, so creating content that reinforces the brand and resonates with the audience should be a thoughtful exercise.

Most social media professionals follow the 50/30/20 Rule.

What does this mean?

  • 50% of your posts should be of general interest or entertainment value. They keep your audience engaged and happy to follow you. They can still reinforce your brand by presenting items that show your style, tone, or taste.
  • 30% of your posts should be direct marketing of your business.  Your other posts are in place to build the audience and open its reception to your products or services.
  • 20% of your posts should be content related directly to the sphere your business occupies. It can be curated stories that relate to your field, or short, informational posts that reinforce your message and expertise.

Building a calendar

The best way to ensure consistent, fresh content is to build out a calendar and to schedule your posts. This helps you make sure you are following the 50/30/20 rule and prevents gaps in posts due to heightened workloads, client meetings, or forgetfulness.

There are a number of systems out there to assist you, but often, it takes multiple ones to build images, source content ideas, and schedule your posts.

Here at Cirrus VA, we are all about saving time, so we’re going to let you in on our secret scheduling weapon, PromoRepublic.

A calendar page that shows scheduled posts and also gives ideas for additional ones? Yes, please!

With an events calendar that highlights holidays, events of note, and obscure observances, it is easy to create a varied post schedule.

Visual Appeal

Engaging posts often start with a compelling graphic. If you have been creating posts the “old-fashioned” way, you likely have built out an image elsewhere, then posted either in real time or through the individual platform’s scheduling tools.

Another reason we here at Cirrus VA love PromoRepublic? The ability to create an image for your post, then schedule it in your content calendar across different platforms without ever leaving one place.

Edit images, add text, stickers, icons, and objects, then schedule to one or more social media accounts all in one place.

You can utilize one of their pre-existing templates or build your own from scratch. By never having to leave one site, you can save time and energy, and quickly build out your social media calendar(s).

Reviewing your Statistics

Once your posts have become public, it is important to understand how they are resonating with your audience. Are they getting in front of potential clients? Are people liking or sharing what you are posting? Each platform is different, but one of the other things we love about the PromoRepublic service is that you can review page stats in an easy to read format with the single click of a button.

Statistics at a glance for each social media page you manage. Know what works with your audience and which posts fall flat.

Want to give it a try?

PromoRepublic has partnered with Cirrus VA to give you the opportunity to take their platform for a test drive. They offer a free 14-day trial where you can try their scheduler on one of your social media platforms.

Once you decide to become a part of the PromoRepublic Community, you can become a Premium (5 social media accounts) or Pro (15 accounts) member. You will also have access to weekly webinars, customized content, and a private community of social media marketers.

As a special offer for Cirrus VA clients and fans, they are offering a discount of 20% off an annual Pro account package when you use Promo Code PR20.

Cirrus VA invites you to click on the image and try PromoRepublic’s Social Media Scheduler for Free. Ready for a Pro account? Use promo code PR20 to save 20% off the annual package fee.

*Cirrus VA chooses all of its affiliate partners very carefully and will never suggest any platform that we do not personally use and endorse.

Would you prefer to have your social media professionally managed? Cirrus VA has plans for that! Visit our Services page for more information and pricing.

To blog or not to blog?

It’s a question that often arises when businesses are plotting out their digital presence: “To blog or not to blog?

The answer greatly depends upon a few factors:

  1. Do you have expertise to share? If you do, a blog is a great way to establish your knowledge and grow your brand awareness and presence. If not, what is the subject matter that is going to drive people to engage with your posts?
  2. Do you have a desire to write, or are you able to hire someone to handle blogging? If you have the knowledge but are too busy to write and cannot hire someone to convey your message, your blog will likely not get off the ground. Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the last post was written months or even years ago?  It is difficult to come across as an expert if it seems your expertise is outdated.
  3. Is there an audience or a space for your blog? Some markets are saturated, while others are untapped. If you have a strong message or point of view, it will come across in your writing and assist in creating a space and following. If you are simply going through the motions because someone (possibly a blogger) told you it was a necessity for maintaining your digital presence, you may want to rethink your strategy. Maybe you present material in a traditional blog, or maybe it takes shape as something else–a “useful information” or “knowledge you can use” section.

If you have a knowledge base you would like to share but simply don’t have the time or inclination to write, find someone who can take your information and present it in a clear and professional manner. Harness someone else’s passion for writing for your passion to share your knowledge.

A blogger for your website may be closer than you think.

Fill in the blanks–content for your sites

Writers’ block.

We’ve all been there–staring at the blank page or blank screen trying to make the words and ideas flow, but nothing comes. Ideas swirl furiously above, but trying to pin one down seems impossible.

Not knowing what to write, or post, or link to is not uncommon. It is why most small business owners falter when it comes to creating a consistent social media presence. Failure to consistently provide content on your social media channels can cost you the followers you may have gained. Blitzing your channels with whatever material you find, without thought to relevance or brand, can also alienate your target audience and drive them to hit “unlike” or “unfollow.” If a marketer posts with no audience, did the post ever really exist?

Sourcing and creating posts relevant to your brand and your business takes time. Time is something not all small businesses can spare with the other day-to-day operations. This is the reason so many digital marketing companies exist. They source material and post it on your behalf. It’s a great service, but what happens when those companies are pushing the exact same material to the same types of clients? You lose your brand identity, voice, and ability to leverage those things with your audience.  What is a busy small business owner to do?

Delegation is still important, but be clear on the service being provided and your ultimate goal. Social media is a great tool to differentiate you from the rest of the pack, but that means you need to partner with someone who can make sure your voice is being heard. Look for a partner who has your business vision and audience goals in mind.

Ask questions. 

  1. How does the marketer determine what material to pull?
  2. Which channels are used for sourcing of third party content?
  3. How is original content crafted? Is this part of the plan, or does it cost extra?
  4. What is the oversight/approval process?
  5. What sort of reporting occurs on the success or lack thereof of the various posts?
  6. How much input and direction are you, as the client, given in the process?

Whether you are doing your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts in-house or with a professional, remember that consistency in both frequency and content will help you build and audience.

Questions? Check out our social media offerings or email us at to find out more.