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Answering Plans

For many small businesses, phone is still the primary means of initial contact for new clients. Sometimes, however, a business owner’s schedule can make answering those calls challenging. Let us fill in for you. Whether you are looking for a regular plan or just need someone to fill in while you are on vacation, we have a plan that can work for you.

Daily Phone Services

If you are looking for daily phone coverage, we suggest checking out one of our monthly retainer plans.

Scheduling Calls

We work with many therapy practices and law firms. If you would like call coverage and calendar management, check out our monthly retainer plans.

Dedicated Lines

We can use your native phone app or set aside a phone line specifically for your call forwarding.

Vacation Phone Services

Heading out of town, but want your clients to feel that you are keeping in touch? Call us!

Volume-based Calling

Light on calls, but still need phones covered while you are gone? Forward them to us. For as little as $40/business day, you can be assured your clients will receive top notch care.

Caught short-handed?

Sometimes illness or conflicts mean your regular staff is unavailable. We can fill in.

Vacation/Short Term Call Coverage

For daily phone coverage, we suggest a retainer plan. However, if you are looking for vacation or short-term phone coverage, we have simple plans that will fit your needs.

$ 50 $ 40

per day

  • < 8 avg. daily calls
  • Answering and follow up
  • 3 day minimum
$ 55

per day

  • 8-20 avg. daily calls
  • Answering and follow up
  • 3 day minimum
$ 75

per day

  • Up to 40 avg. daily calls
  • Answering and follow up
  • 3 day minimum

Minimum engagement terms waived for established/ returning clients.

Vacation services require a 50% deposit for anticipated volume up front. Average daily call volume calculated and billed at the end of the engagement.

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