Cirrus VA?

A cirrus is a thin, wispy cloud that forms at a high level. Powered by the jet stream, its reach can be visible across continents.

Our assistants’ impact is similarly far-reaching. We help small business owners coast to coast in agile, swift, and often-dazzling ways.

Our team

CEO, Project Manager

Sheryl Paulson-Price

About Sheryl

Cirrus VA grew out of Sheryl’s long history of implementing and spearheading projects in theatrical, retail, and property management settings.

An adept problem-solver, Sheryl’s question is always, “How can we do more with less?”

If you need to put systems into place to make your business life less chaotic and your workflow…FLOW, she can help you create a plan.

  • Varied Management: Retail, Property
  • Mental Health Practices
  • Real Estate
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Legal Practices

Phones/Reception, Email and Calendar Management, Virtual Office, QuickBooks, Canva, Social Media Scheduling, and MORE!

Virtual Administration, Client-Facing Relations, & Scheduling

Amanda Yates

About Amanda

With a background in education, Amanda understands what it takes to help people where they are.

Her warmth comes through with every phone call and her compassion for clients makes her an ideal intake coordinator for legal, mental health, and wellness practices.

Amanda can handle all of your virtual administrative needs.

  • Mental Health Practices
  • Education
  • Office Administration

Phone Answering, Appointment Setting, Calendar Management, Email Management, Office Projects, Client Relations, Meeting & Travel Organization, Presentations

Project Management, Event Planning, General Admin

Ariel Vang


Ariel’s background includes an intricate mixture of project management, organization, administrative work, customer service, teamwork, and strategy. She’s earned her Bachelor’s in Health Services Management and worked beside three Directors taking on various roles.

Ariel is efficient, professional, detail oriented, easy to work with, organized, and proactive. Whether you need a wing woman or are feeling overwhelmed, she’s here to help!

  • Event Planner
  • Project Coordinator
  • Support Coordinator
  • Healthcare Fields

Microsoft applications, event scheduling, writing and editing, proofreading, SOP development, customer service, project management and coordination, and transcription.

Project Management, Event Planning, Marketing, Consulting

Garnetta Lowman


Garnetta has extensive experience as an agency-to-client liaison to support business strategy, project implementation, management, and delivery of work as the key client contact.

She understands the challenges small businesses face in differentiating themselves in the market and has served as a mentor to young marketing professionals and helped agencies find their blind spots in the creative process.

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Retail Management

Project management, WordPress and Squarespace website build outs, email marketing, content creation, event planning, meeting facilitation.

Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, and e-Commerce

Andrea Pomerleau

About Andrea

Andrea is a marketing powerhouse. After running a number of successful businesses with a strong social media presence, Andrea understands what it takes to delight clients.

She is the perfect creative partner for boutique brands and manages accounts for retail, wellness, and real estate clients.

  • Boutique Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Wellness

Social Media, Shopify Build Outs & Item Descriptions, Etsy Shop Management, Website Editing

Tasks, Data Entry, Event Planning, and Calendar Management

Lisa Harcombe-Minson

About LISA

Lisa loves tasks. After years of assisting in health practices with scheduling and charity event planning, she discovered her greatest strength was getting things done.

Fast, efficient, and always ready to execute, Lisa is happy to tackle the tasks that drive business owners to distraction. If you have forms to fill, locations to book, or calendars to manage, Lisa is ready to get things done.

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Payment processing
  • Event Planning

Data entry, electronic records organization, payment processing, database management, calendar management, event planning, travel arrangements, and document review.

Virtual Office Manager 

Deb Wrich

About Deb

With experience in big box retail and real estate office management, Deb is used to keeping client satisfaction top of mind.

From running Microsoft Teams meetings to planning large-scale events, Deb executes with efficiency and attention to detail.

  • Big Box Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Virtual Office Management

Microsoft Office & Teams, Canva & Marketing, Adobe, Meeting & Event Planning, Research, Financial Report Prep

Small Business Management and Strategic Partner

Laura Childs

About Laura 

Laura runs a successful business of her own and is adept at maneuvering through supply chain issues, payroll, financial reporting, event planning, and travel coordination.

If you are looking for a partner who will get your business moving in the right direction and who can also provide insight and advice from her experiences, Laura C. will consistently exceed expectations.

  • Sports management
  • Payroll & HR
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Coordination

Consulting, marketing, promotional materials, ADP payroll, QuickBooks Online, Canva, LeagueApps, business budgeting and planning, supplier coordination and communication, human resources management.

Data Entry and Proofreading Projects

Laura Duvall Seaboy

About Laura

Laura runs a successful wellness business as an advanced esthetician and multi media makeup artist.

During off peak times, she enjoys helping Cirrus VA clients with their projects.

  • Beauty & Visual Arts
  • Customer Service
  • Client Engagement

Data entry, Proofreading, special projects, document preparation